Candor Is The Norm And Results Are The Outcome

  • When you can choose who you do business with, choose a team that delivers on its promises.

  • Whether individually or collectively, the principals of Oxbow have built their careers, and now this firm, on a foundation of integrity, trust and respect.

  • We understand that trust is the foundation of any relationship and transparency is the currency of trust.

  • We are committed to the open sharing of information among all our stakeholders, which maximizes results and yields the greatest success.

  • Our deep relationships with land owners, as well as the brokerage community, allow us to secure opportunities before they are presented to the broader market.

  • We also promise a principal-driven approach that delivers quick, nimble decision-making. This approach in turn solves challenges quickly and keeps our mutual goal of creating returns for our investors foremost at every step.

Oxbow Team